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“Yoga Practice While Pregnant”

pregnant-1-by-moggierocketI practice Ashtanga Yoga.   As soon as I discovered I was pregnant I confirmed with my OBGYN that it was safe for me to continue to practice yoga.  So continuing to practice, I did.

However, over the past 5 months, I have had to overcome various struggles within my yoga practice due to the changes in my body, and the modification of many asanas (postures) to make sure I was not hurting my baby while practicing yoga.

The changes of I have made to my practice are due to the intense twisting or bending from the midsection that pushes into the uterus or any asanas that insert the heal of my foot into my uterus/midsection. 

Some of the asanas I have modified in my practice to assure my baby’s safety and the flow of my practice are as follows:

padangustasana1tiryang-mukha(1) Sun Salutation A & B, Padagusthasana, Padahastasana, Tiryang Mukhaikapada Paschimatanasana: In those asanas, the main change is that I split my legs apart so that my belly is never touching or pressing against my legs.

(2) Ardha Baddha Padma Paschimatasanardha-baddha-padmaa: I do not lean forward or bring foot into my midsection.  I rest my foot on my quad and sit up straight, reaching hand to foot.

 marichasana-c(3) Marichasanas: I do not bring my foot up in Marichasana B, marichasana-dI turn the opposite direction  for Marichasana C, and I do not bring my foot up & I turn the opposite direction for Marichasana D.

**I am very careful when practising any Marichasana, to make sure my belly has enough space and I am not impinging my midsection by twisting.  As an attorney I am in front of the computer all day rounding my shoulders ; therefore, I find I get a lot of benefit from the Marichasanas.

Some asanas I just skip altogether:

ardha-baddha-padmottanasana(1) Ardha Baddha Padmottanasana

bhujapidasana(2) Bhujapidasana (I stopped doing this pose as soon as my belly popped),

supta-kurmasana(3) Kurmasana,  

kurmasana  (4) SuptaKurmasana

garbha-pindasana1(5) Garbhapindasana,

kukkutasana1(6) Kukkatasana,


(7) Sirsasana (headstands, I just recently stopped because I could feel my belly pulling toward gravity, with this asana and any others you need to know your body to determine what asanas you should & shoud not be doing).

urdhva-dhanurasanaBelieve it or not while you are pregnant, you can still drop back into backbends and then return to standing.  I find my back is a little tighter, but I am still enjoying dropping back.  We’ll see if I can go all 9 months. 

I would love to hear if anyone else is enjoying practicing yoga while pregnant!


Daily Yoga Practice

suptakurmasana1My daily ashtanga yoga practice is critical to my well-being. I stumbled over ashtanga yoga at a gym. I fell in love with it the first moment I stepped on my mat. I had tried yoga a couple of times before, but I was not fond of it. I am a gym rat at heart and did not think any other form of fitness would interest me. (“I love the weights“.) Boy was I wrong. I have completely done a 180 and only practice yoga 6 days a week. I have been absent from the gym (i.e., any type of weight training or cardio) for 6+ months. I do intend to go back and balance the two forms of fitness , but for right now I need to continue to develop my flexibility. Basically, I will not return to the gym until I can get both of my legs behind my head like a pretzel (this posture is called supta kurmasana–pictured below)…and believe it or not I am not far out. Let me tell you, when I started practicing yoga suptakurmasana41(around Feb 2007), I could not even touch my toes. All the sports I played during my childhood, multiplied by all the running and weight training does not make for a flexible person. But, to my surprise all that can be counteracted by a dedicated yoga practice. Without yoga I would be an even more stressed attorney, with no release for relaxation. Yoga provides me with a way to slow down and appreciate the moment and time for myself.suptakurmasana31

To read more about ashtanga yoga, I have links on the right side of this blog.

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