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Daily Yoga Practice

suptakurmasana1My daily ashtanga yoga practice is critical to my well-being. I stumbled over ashtanga yoga at a gym. I fell in love with it the first moment I stepped on my mat. I had tried yoga a couple of times before, but I was not fond of it. I am a gym rat at heart and did not think any other form of fitness would interest me. (“I love the weights“.) Boy was I wrong. I have completely done a 180 and only practice yoga 6 days a week. I have been absent from the gym (i.e., any type of weight training or cardio) for 6+ months. I do intend to go back and balance the two forms of fitness , but for right now I need to continue to develop my flexibility. Basically, I will not return to the gym until I can get both of my legs behind my head like a pretzel (this posture is called supta kurmasana–pictured below)…and believe it or not I am not far out. Let me tell you, when I started practicing yoga suptakurmasana41(around Feb 2007), I could not even touch my toes. All the sports I played during my childhood, multiplied by all the running and weight training does not make for a flexible person. But, to my surprise all that can be counteracted by a dedicated yoga practice. Without yoga I would be an even more stressed attorney, with no release for relaxation. Yoga provides me with a way to slow down and appreciate the moment and time for myself.suptakurmasana31

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Flickr credits: ryuichinagayamai, govindakais and gbsk

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