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“The Importance of a Will”

lastwill1If you want to decide who receives your property and/or money at your death and who will be the guardian of your minor children if you die, THEN you NEED a WILL!

Regardless of how much money you have, executing a Will ensures that whatever you do own will be distributed to the person or persons of your choosing.  If you die without a Will, then the State where you reside will determine who receives your money and property.

Even more importantly, you NEED a Will if you have minor children.  Without a Will the guardianship of your child(ren) will be handled though an expensive, complicated and possibly emotional court case.  The court will ultimately decide who will be the guardian of your child(ren).  By executing a Will, you can choose who will raise your child(ren), not the courts.


Once you execute a Will you should review it every coupe of years.  You can revoke or amend your Will at any time.

Greater than 1/2 of Americans do not have a Will.  Do not be one of them.

There are many online companies offering quick and cheap Wills.  However, if you have a size-able or complicated estate you should consult an attorney to make sure your estate is handled in the best manner possible at your death.  Also, to receive the best tax planning you should consult an attorney.

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