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Personal Trainers, Too Good To Be True?

innerstrength“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” – Margaret Mead

I have been an athlete for as long as I can remember.  I played everything from soccer to basketball to roller hockey to softball.  If it included a ball or puck, I played it.  Not too long after graduating high school and deciding not to play college soccer, I found the gym.  It was not a love love relationship at first.  Nevertheless, I knew the importance of being physically fit and went to the gym all throughout my college years at the University of Florida.  During this time, I went to the gym like every other sorority girl at UF and did not really understand exactly what I was doing , but knew it was important to be going to the gym.  My gym experience consisted of mostly cardio and minimal weight training.  I did not really focus on my nutrition at all.

Then I went to Law School in Nashville, at Vanderbilt University, and I met “INNERSTRENGTH“.  I had a very negative outlook on personal trainers, as I had been coached by many in the past though never with any results.  I mostly assume they really do not know how to tailor a routine per individual, they just use one approach they believe works for all their clients.  This “one size fits all” approach DOES NOT WORK.

Anyways, Matt Royka, the owner of InnerStrength, and his partner Anita Nathan totally changeddeeds-not-words my perception of trainers, or at least I now believe in Matt and all of his trainers , and I know how to spot a fraud (and there are too many out there).

Matt Royka taught me the importance of a balanced workout routine with proper nutrition.  You must do cardio and weight training and EAT RIGHT!  Without one of these ingredients, you will not get “fit”.  Matt Royka has a program called “BodyCollege“.  His program will transform any body!

I saw Innerstrength not only transform my body, but everyone at the gym who utilized their training got results and looked and felt amazing!  All the mommy’s in the gym kept up with me, a 22 year old law student, some even kicked my butt.  As a women, I had body fat of 9% which is equivalent to a man’s 1%.  Pretty amazing stuff.  You want abs, InnerStrength can give you abs!

Innerstrength can not only transform your body and make you feel amazing, but most importantly can also teach you how to make a life change.

The purpose of writing this post it to let everyone know there are great trainers out there and you should not quit until you find them.  Also if anyone has any questions, please contact Innerstrength or you can contact me at

InnerStrength trains everyone from the novice to the celebrity in music to the professional athlete and cheerleader.  Please visit their site for more information,

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit.”

Daily Yoga Practice

suptakurmasana1My daily ashtanga yoga practice is critical to my well-being. I stumbled over ashtanga yoga at a gym. I fell in love with it the first moment I stepped on my mat. I had tried yoga a couple of times before, but I was not fond of it. I am a gym rat at heart and did not think any other form of fitness would interest me. (“I love the weights“.) Boy was I wrong. I have completely done a 180 and only practice yoga 6 days a week. I have been absent from the gym (i.e., any type of weight training or cardio) for 6+ months. I do intend to go back and balance the two forms of fitness , but for right now I need to continue to develop my flexibility. Basically, I will not return to the gym until I can get both of my legs behind my head like a pretzel (this posture is called supta kurmasana–pictured below)…and believe it or not I am not far out. Let me tell you, when I started practicing yoga suptakurmasana41(around Feb 2007), I could not even touch my toes. All the sports I played during my childhood, multiplied by all the running and weight training does not make for a flexible person. But, to my surprise all that can be counteracted by a dedicated yoga practice. Without yoga I would be an even more stressed attorney, with no release for relaxation. Yoga provides me with a way to slow down and appreciate the moment and time for myself.suptakurmasana31

To read more about ashtanga yoga, I have links on the right side of this blog.

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