What To Say To Your Friend Who’s Already Counting Down To Football Season…theSkimm

The newest perk for Amazon Prime members includes Tom Brady, Cam ...

“So is Amazon. Yesterday, it came out that the company struck a $50 million deal with the NFL to livestream football games this year. This comes as people continue to cut that TV cord in favor of options like Netflix and Hulu. And as Amazon’s been continuing to try to take over the world one online shopping cart at a time, it’s also been trying to get more eyeballs – and cash money – by pushing into the video and TV biz. The NFL games will still be on regular ‘ole network TV. But now Amazon Prime members can get in on the game action too. And since sports are a big reason people keep their cable subscriptions, this is one more fumble for cable companies. Touchdown, Amazon.

THANK you to theSkimm for this blog-post.  see more great theSkimm news here –> http://www.theskimm.com/?r=b9094b9b

theSkimm is the best thing to happen to my mornings since coffee! I ...

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