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The Importance of the Yoga Teacher!


Sunset in ShimlaIt is truly baffling to me… A practice deeply rooted in tradition, selflessness and spirituality has turned into a fad, without tradition or spirituality, and most of the people practicing and teaching wouldn’t know selflessness if it bit them on the butt!

Moreover, the lost souls of the world seem to be the ones heading the forefront of the yoga movement. “I don’t know what to do with my life…stumble into a yoga class…oh I love this, I feel a purpose here…I’ll do this with my life…”

However for some people, teaching yoga is truly their calling and these teachers/students are so important in spreading yoga throughout this world.

I believe that yoga is a very important part of every person’s life. There is a style of yoga that will resonant with each person on this planet if the person is given the chance to find their style of yoga taught by the right teacher.

Krista Shirley owns The Yoga Shala in Winter Park, Florida (in the Orlando area), and is the only yoga teacher in Florida, north of Miami, Authorized by the KPJAYI. The best teachers are the individuals who sought out the practice and determined it was what they were meant to do even when they had other opportunities staring them in the face. Not people who determined teaching yoga was for them when they had no other opportunities present. Lost souls truly seem to be on the top of the successful teacher list…and this my friends should scare you!

I was a gym rat, when I found a teacher that resonated with me. I was curious about yoga, but unsure if it was for me. The practice I found was Ashtanga Yoga and for someone who is a high strung, type A personality, it was perfect. Moreover, my teacher was unbelievable. Her knowledge for the practice, her selflessness towards her students and her life, her understanding and dedication to her own practice was unparallel to any other yoga teacher I have met to this day.

I stopped being a gym rat / athlete and totally became a yogini. Most people would say the transformation that my body and my mind have taken is incredible. But I am here to tell you today, with the right teacher, the right style and the right mind, any person can come to love the practice of yoga and change their life forever.

This blogpost is dedicated to my teacher: Krista Shirley, the owner of The Yoga Shala and to all the other truly great teachers throughout the world.




Thank you to The Yoga Shala via Flickr for all of the above pictures and Garrett Frandsen for the yogini in prayer picture above.

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