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Probate Administration – Distribution of Property Upon Death

“I Died, Now What?”

middlesex-county-probate-court-by-josh-michtomWhat happens to your property and creditors at your death?

Upon your death, an executor will be appointed to handle all the affairs relating to your estate (the distribution of your property, and the payment of taxes and any debts and expenses).  The executor is a person who is named in your Last Will and Testament (or if you died without a Will, a person who is appointed by the court who is qualified to serve as an executor).  In most instances the executor is the surviving spouse or a child. 

Most states require the executor to hire an attorney for the estate to assist him/her in Probate Administration.  Probate Administration is the legal process of administering your estate by resolving all claims and distributing your property.  Probate Administration can last a couple months to many years depending on how well you planned before your death.

lady-justice-by-frogmiller1During the probate process your attorney and executor will inventory all your property, and will contact all the persons named in your Will to receive property.  If you are married this usually includes your surviving spouse, as many states do not allow a person to disinherit their surviving spouse (unless there is a valid pre nuptial agreement).   If you die without a Will, the state law where you reside controls who will receive title to your property.  If you die without a Will you cannot control who will inherit your property.

Also, your attorney and executor will uncover all your creditors and notify them of your death.  The creditors will be able to make a claim against your estate.  However, after your creditors are notified of your death, they will have a limited time frame in which they can bring a claim against your estate.  If they do not file a claim against your estate within this time frame they will be barred.

            Your estate will also pay all expenses incurred during the probate process (e.g., funeral expenses, professional fees, etc.) and will be required to file and pay taxes.  (Your estate will be required to file a Federal estate tax return if your estate is valued at over $3.5 million dollars).  Your estate will also be required to file an income tax return. 

Probate administration does not govern (1) assets that are owned by a Trust, (2) assets that are held jointly with another person, if rights of survivorship exist, or (3) assets for which a beneficiary is named contractually, such as an annuity, IRA, 401(k) or life insurance policy, unless the beneficiary is your estate.

If you have any questions regarding probate administration, please do not hesitate to contact me.

despair-by-raghav“A Son can withstand the Death of his Father, but the Loss of Inheritance will Drive Him to Dispair” – unknown


Personal Trainers, Too Good To Be True?

innerstrength“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” – Margaret Mead

I have been an athlete for as long as I can remember.  I played everything from soccer to basketball to roller hockey to softball.  If it included a ball or puck, I played it.  Not too long after graduating high school and deciding not to play college soccer, I found the gym.  It was not a love love relationship at first.  Nevertheless, I knew the importance of being physically fit and went to the gym all throughout my college years at the University of Florida.  During this time, I went to the gym like every other sorority girl at UF and did not really understand exactly what I was doing , but knew it was important to be going to the gym.  My gym experience consisted of mostly cardio and minimal weight training.  I did not really focus on my nutrition at all.

Then I went to Law School in Nashville, at Vanderbilt University, and I met “INNERSTRENGTH“.  I had a very negative outlook on personal trainers, as I had been coached by many in the past though never with any results.  I mostly assume they really do not know how to tailor a routine per individual, they just use one approach they believe works for all their clients.  This “one size fits all” approach DOES NOT WORK.

Anyways, Matt Royka, the owner of InnerStrength, and his partner Anita Nathan totally changeddeeds-not-words my perception of trainers, or at least I now believe in Matt and all of his trainers , and I know how to spot a fraud (and there are too many out there).

Matt Royka taught me the importance of a balanced workout routine with proper nutrition.  You must do cardio and weight training and EAT RIGHT!  Without one of these ingredients, you will not get “fit”.  Matt Royka has a program called “BodyCollege“.  His program will transform any body!

I saw Innerstrength not only transform my body, but everyone at the gym who utilized their training got results and looked and felt amazing!  All the mommy’s in the gym kept up with me, a 22 year old law student, some even kicked my butt.  As a women, I had body fat of 9% which is equivalent to a man’s 1%.  Pretty amazing stuff.  You want abs, InnerStrength can give you abs!

Innerstrength can not only transform your body and make you feel amazing, but most importantly can also teach you how to make a life change.

The purpose of writing this post it to let everyone know there are great trainers out there and you should not quit until you find them.  Also if anyone has any questions, please contact Innerstrength or you can contact me at

InnerStrength trains everyone from the novice to the celebrity in music to the professional athlete and cheerleader.  Please visit their site for more information,

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit.”

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